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At DanceCamp Studio we have "multi-class " discounts.  Tuition is based on a "per family" basis.  The combined number of classes for each family determines the monthly rate.  Tuition is due monthly and in advance. Please send checks the first lesson of each month. Statements will not be sent unless an account becomes overdue. There will be a late charge for accounts not paid by the 10th of the month. (Other payment dates can be arranged for special circumstances with the consent of the director.) If an account becomes two months past due, we may ask that your child only observe in their classes until the account is brought current. All accounts must be cleared before Showtime. There will be a $25.00 fee for returned checks.  For your convenience, DanceCamp Studio now accepts MasterCard and VISA!

Tuition Schedule

On Time Payment                                After 10th of month

1 class / week -- $45.00/mo.                         $75.00

2 classes/week -- $75.00/mo                       $105.00

3 classes/week - $95.00/mo.                       $125.00

4 classes/week - $110.00/mo.                     $140.00

5 classes/week - $120.00/mo.                    $150.00

6 classes/week - $130.00/mo.                    $160.00

Should a student withdraw from classes, tuition will continue to be charged until the studio has been notified in writing.  Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable.  There is a late fee of  $30 for any tuition payment made after the close of business on the 10th of each month.  

Other Fees

Registration:  There is a $20 per student registration fee.

Show Fees:   A fee is required to pay for the auditorium, programs, technicians, etc... this allows friends and family to attend free of charge.  Show fee is due by October 10th, 2019.  Show fee will be $45.00 for one student within a family dancing, and $55.00 for 2 or more students within a family dancing.  This will allow us to continue our “no admission” tradition for our recital.

ESTIMATED Costume fees will be due in full by November 10th … OR you may make estimated deposits for costumes in three installments; September 13th, October 11th, and remaining estimated costume balance on November 8th

***ESTIMATED COSTUME FEE EXAMPLES would be:   pre-school through 3rd grade - about $60.00 or less per costume, 4th - 6th grade - about $70.00 or less per costume, and 7th grade - SR - about $80.00 or less per costume.  Some costumes could cost more, but we try very hard to keep your costume fees down. 

Costumes not paid in full will be assessed a $5 per item late fee each month they are delinquent.  

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