DanceCamp  Studio
Studio Policies

For safety reasons, please deliver your child to, and pick them up, from the studio office upstairs.  Be sure to let us know if someone other than a parent or guardian is to pick them up. 

Dancewear Required
Dress Code:

Dance students are expected to be dressed in the proper dance attire for each class--Black leotard, pink tights, and proper shoes. 

Also, please be sure that as your child begins to physically mature, that they understand the importance of using deodorant.

Students may be asked not to participate in class if not in proper dancewear.

BALLET: Pink ballet shoes.  All Pointe dancers should have warmers. These are good for ballet class too.

TAP: Tan tap shoes -Most levels of tap will now be wearing the tan, pull-on tap shoes.

JAZZ: Tan, pull-on jazz shoes.

FUNK: Black dance sneakers (or colored at teachers discretion)

HIP-HOPBlack dance sneakers

TUMBLING: Leotards, convertible tights, and booty shorts for girls, shorts for boys.  T-shirts for both are fine

Our dress code is designed to encourage unity and a sense of grooming among the students.  Please come properly attired.  Hair needs to be securely tied back from the face.  No jewelry other than small ear studs and finger rings.  Please label dance shoes and supplies and keep in a appropriate dance bag.  Dance shoes are NOT to be worn outside.  Advanced dancers may wear skirts, skorts, etc...with the approval of instructor.  Students not dressed appropriately for class may be asked to observe only.  No gum is allowed in the dance room!


Regular attendance is of the utmost importance for the progress of both the student AND the class.  Classes missed due to illness or special circumstances may be made up by contacting the studio and making arrangements.  No monetary credit is given for missed classes. 


Family and friends are invited to visit two times for the nine months of dance.  The first full weeks in NOVEMBER and MARCH.  Parents are asked to refrain from talking/socializing during class visitation.


**see studio calendar**




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